SNAP! Gaming Portal

A games portal and social network wrapped inside a wacky 3D universe

Studio Art Director

At Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, Mark Thompson was responsible for the art vision for multiple studios and titles. In this role he created SNAP!, a 3D social network and gaming portal. Residents of SNAP! created 3D animated avatars of themselves that resembled the designer art toys popular at the time. The user could personalize their avatar by skinning it with an image from a provided library or created by the user. Users could interact with one another via their avatars and could utilize a variety of animated behaviors or emojis. As a game portal, SNAP! also provided a launch point for the diverse game titles being developed, ranging from very casual to the hardcore Stargate Worlds MMO. SNAP! users could travel to different worlds within the universe each having a different visual theme and associated entertainment offerings.